The main task of "Interforce" crewing agency is to give the seafarers not only worthy, but also safe working conditions.



     The specialists of "Interforce" go through the contracts of partner companies to ensure that the following conditiones are stated:

  • duration of contract;
  • employment conditions;
  • salary and form of payment;
  • work time;
  • amount of salary and terms of payment.


      Specialists of "Interforce" try to improve the contract conditions or get written aproval of payable compensations in case of:
  • illness or injury during the duration of the contract;
  • death (the amount is payed to the next of kin);
  • wreck of the vessel;
  • loss of personal belongings due wreck of the vessel;
  • pre-term termination of contract.


Working with "Interforce" crewing agency you get a safe and highly paid job.